No other medical provider is capable of providing the high reliability, efficient and high quality case management service in Indonesia.

High reliability

Our nurse assistants ensure the right questions are asked, the appropriate level of care is given, the focus of the specialist medical teams follows the treatment plan, and all aspects of care are fully documented. Every Visit. We don't waste time. 

Translation by Default

It's difficult to make informed medical decisions across language barriers, we take control, translating everything for you, by default.

Customized Workflows

From ad-hoc status updates on urgent issues to automated process dashboards we work with corporate medical teams of all sizes. We can even build custom approval flows to ensure your internal guidelines are complied with.

Overseas workers deserve to be treated in their native language. We enable that for you.

Reduce miscommunication, increase the mental well-being of crew under treatment, increase the likelihood of 'maximum medical improvement', and minimize legal risk for any at-work injuries and illnesses of your Indonesian staff.

Medical Treatment Plan

We evaluate each case independently, based on best-medical-practice and in consultation with our curated team of specialists to develop a medical treatment plan for each patient.

Periodic Check-ins

We validate our treatment plan with partner medical staff or appointed representatives at the beginning of each case and also agree on key decision points and milestones to attain client approvals during treatment.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Our iterative treatment model generates fast, reliable improvements for all of the common issues we see, but also we track time-to-diagnosis against unknown and rarer issues to reach an effective case resolution in communication with both patient and client employers.

The medical treatment plan drives activity, improvement and reporting/approvals

After completing 1,000 unique cases, we started to identify some common best practices and share the average expected time to recovery. We have 18 prescribed treatment categories that 88% of our caseload can be treated with. For more unique cases, we have found a productive collaboration between the employer medical team and our local team drives the best results. Either way, we manage the case plan and process for you.

1. Receive Patient from Overseas Posting

i) PBMC is informed of an incoming critical medical issue from one of our partner employers.

ii) We prepare reception at the Indonesian port of entry determined by partner employer or assist with escort repatriation if needed.

iii) PBMC confirms hand-off of patient and settles them in to temporary accommodation ensuring they are comfortable and informed about the process next steps.

2. Medical Treatment Plan Creation

i) Diagnostic and specialist medical care is assigned by management team to pursue/validate a diagnosis.

ii) Diagnosis and support data are shared with partner employer for validation.

iii) Treatment Plan is prepared and shared for approval.

iv). Treatment Plan is iterated on, to identify best efficiency and maximize medical improvement.

v) Treatment Plan is approved by partner employer.

3. Treatment

Treatment is executed as per the  Treatment Plan. A Crew Care nurse accompanies the patient to each appointment to ensure the correct medical and validating questions are asked and answered (1st hand data). This also helps in case of any discrepancy or clarification required in the documentation resulting from the appointment.

Any major expense or invasive treatment will be pre-approved with the employer medical team.

Treatments are iterated following the Treatment Plan with periodic updates to the partner employer, fully translated in to English for clarity.

4. Maximum Medical Improvement

Once maximum medical improvement is obtained, the partner employer is engaged in a discharge work-flow allowing them time and space to consult their HR team and other relevant staff to identify next steps for the patient to return to service at sea.

Only after the next steps have been decided is the patient engaged in the release process.

5. Return to Work

It is our goal to return all patients to work after their Crew Care treatment is concluded. We communicate throughout the course of treatment how a patient is tracking to our Treatment Plan and what kind of outcomes they might expect after concluding treatment. We never offer indications of the likely outcome of their treatment with regard to employment status without prior employer partner approval.

In the case a patient is ineligible to return to work, we provide the documentation and detail the treatment results to clearly indicate the gaps between Fit-to-work and their maximum medical improvement status. At that time we pass the patient communication back to the HR team at our partner employer to handle next steps.
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In 13 years of active practice, we have identified the top local doctors in each specialty.

From oncology to endocrinology there isn't a better team in the 17,500 islands.
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