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At PBMC we provide accurate, 100% in-house diagnostic evaluation and interpretation from accredited, qualified medical professionals.

We are proud of our responsive support and automated status updates to corporate partners and constantly improving patient experience.
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100% In- House
diagnostic evaluation
Accredited & Qualified
Medical professional

Never worry about the quality and reliability of staff medical certification again, whether you need information from last week, last month, or five years ago.

High reliability

Diagnostics are completed 100% in-house, by credentialed doctors with redundant quality checks and audits.

Data Integrity

Our investments in digital infrastructure protect, secure and store medical data where it can be accessed anywhere.

Customized Workflows

From ad-hoc status updates on urgent cases to automated process dashboards, we work with companies of all sizes.

The right information, when you need it, every time.

We track the entire process for each patient from appointment setting to collection of the Medical Certificate. We can get started on yours right now...
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We offer a wide array of packages to support overseas, offshore and onshore workers' fitness for work.

We have been working hard to constantly improve our patient experience, from work-flow re-organization (getting blood sampling done early), and pro-actively scheduling appointments, to providing results via electronically to candidates.

Step 1.
Make Appointment

Step 2.
Complete Evaluation

Step 3.
Receive Reports & Certificate

Step 4.
Get Questions Answered

1. Make an appointment, prepare critical information

Start by providing us your contact information. Please prepare:

i) current medical vaccine certificates
ii) offer of employment and any details about your job and/or corporate ID
iii) any critical historical health issues.

We will get you scheduled for an appointment that suits your schedule.

Don't worry about getting everything done in time for your new job to start. We've got you.

2. Complete diagnostic medical

A typical medical check-up includes a 'fasting glucose test' - this diagnostic makes sure your body is processing sugar correctly. An accurate result requires you to fast for 12 hours before your appointment. We suggest applicants come in first thing in the morning so they can have a small amount of blood drawn and can finally have something to eat (breakfast) while they wait for the rest of their tests to be completed.

Other typical tests include:
- Scan/X-ray of your lungs - to confirm no presence of Tuberculosis (TBC).
- Hearing and vision tests - for deck and navigational crew
- Physical examination, including range of motion assessments.
- Several basic blood tests to confirm your internal organs are all working as they should.
- Urine samples to confirm your kidneys are working and you have not been using narcotics.
- Candidates who will handle food often need to provide a fecal sample to confirm no parasites are present in their bodies. Don't worry we're not grossed out by this, we do these tests hundreds of times per day. We will give you all the collection gear you need.
- Many employers also want you to have some basic vaccinations so you aren't at risk of transmitting disease or getting really sick while you are at work.

After all that is done, a senior doctor will review all of your results and, following the guidelines provided by your employer, will make a declaration if you are fit for work. You will get a copy of all of these tests along with the electronic copy of your medical certificate.

3. Receive complete health report in 3-5 days

Your official medical certificate will be available 3-5 days after your appointment, depending on the types of diagnostic tests that are included in your employment medical. You will receive a Whatsapp or email with the complete medical check-up document, and if you want/need it, you can also come back to the clinic to pick up an official paper copy.

In the event that we find one or more problems with your fitness for duty, we will do our best to build a treatment plan that will get you ready for work in no time. We have specialists for almost every part of your body on staff.

4. We answer all of your questions

The idea of a medical check-up can be scary. Past crew say they don't always know what to expect and don't always understand the information (results) they get back.

Don't worry. We can help. Hopefully by reading through the steps above you have a better idea of which type of tests you'll receive when you come for your check-up. But after everything is all done, you may have more questions about some of the numbers or test data you get back. Just ask! We have medical staff specially dedicated to explaining what your medical information is telling you, how you can think about it in words you understand, and how you might improve your health if you want. All this is included in the cost of your employment medical, so take advantage of this great service we provide.
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Employment medicals don't have to be scary

We can help you every step of the way, and will work with you to make sure you can be declared "Fit for Duty" in no time.
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  • Indra Gunawan

    Norwegian cruise line
    “Hai teman-teman semua yang ada di bali, untuk urusan medical kalian bisa percayakan klinik Padma Bahtera. Pelayanannya nyaman, ramah, cepat dan memuaskan. Enjoy, see you on board guys!”
  • Ni Kadek Nopi Andayani

    Spa worker - Maldives
    “Great service, fast certificate, Thanks Padma Bahtera!”
  • Kadek Widiasa

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Independence of the Seas
    “I was nervous going in for my PEME medical but the Padma staff calmed me down and made sure my questions were answered. Now I'm at sea in my dream job!”

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Medical Check-up  Packages

Most often employers specify exactly which medical you need, but the packages below can help you identify what a typical check-up includes. Often times you may be eligible for reimbursement from your employer for the costs of your medical as well. We can tell you if you are eligible.

Basic - Seafarer’s Medical

Result: 2-3 working days
Indonesia has several entry-level certifications of fitness for work domestically, overseas, and off-shore.

The standard option is the Garuda or PERLA certificate.

Not only can we provide this for you, we are constantly in discussion with regulators to ensure the Indonesian standards are tracking global maritime health guidelines.
IDR 750.000
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Package Included:
Clinical Consultations
Specialist examinations
Food Handler Tests
Basic Lab tests
Maritime testing
Public health clinic care

Custom Package

Result: As required by testing
Our core business is executing the MCU requirements of our partner employers. Each company has individual considerations and requirements. We can handle them all.

We have the experience to help inform and guide companies to align their own internal requirements with Indonesian and international guidelines. We partner to build cost-effective, local population-informed solutions and risk-adjusted medical models.
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Common Packages:
Pulmonary fitness
Complete Immunology Assay
Level 2 (specialist) diagnostics
Psychological Screening
Full medical cycle management

PBMC can  provide all diagnostics for employment medical checkups- from the most common to the most rare

100% In-House
diagnostic evaluation
Accredited & Qualified
Medical professional

Let us help you take the final step toward starting the next chapter of your career by completing your employment medical at Padma Bahtera Medical Centre.

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