Never worry about the quality and reliability of medical clearance again, whether you need information from last week, last month, or five years ago.

High Reliability

Diagnostics 100% in-house, credentialed technicians and doctors with rigorous back-end quality checks.

Data Integrity

Our investments in digital infrastructure protect, secure and store patient medical data where it can be accessed anywhere.

Customized Workflows

From ad-hoc status updates on urgent cases to automated process dashboards we work with corporate medical teams of all sizes.

Partnerships are built from trust

We start by making recommendations on your employment medical package, based on our experience with our patient population, but we establish and build our company relationships based on consistent and responsive communication. We pride ourselves in responding, in less than 24 hours, to status update requests and valid medical records requests. This peace of mind for our customers extends beyond simple execution of medical fitness. We have become the go-to partner for many to solve in-country medical issues, and are eager to go the extra mile to deliver value to our corporate medical team partners.

Custom Reporting

We have recently launched a custom dashboard. This shows our premier corporate partners real time status of their medical recruiting pipeline and is supported by a case concierge to follow-up on urgent issues (last minute medicals).

Data integration

More customers are going digital. We are streamlining our process to ingest data from recruiters and export data to partner company HR and Medical platforms, eliminating malign human intervention and error.

Demographic Insights

We have a lot of medical data about our employee population. We provide de-identified, aggrated data to our corporate partners, which helps target recruitment efforts and supports development of off- and on-shore preventative health maintenacne curriculum.

You tell us what you need and we go straight to work. Or we can work together to identify the right diagnostic set for your context.

Many of our corporate medical partners are just looking to replicate an existing plan in a new geography and identify modern, reliable healthcare partners in Indonesia. You give us your package requirements, and we get straight to work. We have over 100 other packages we work with, so adding yours is no problem.

Alternatively, some corporate medical teams like to work with us as a thought-partner while they review the criteria for their crew medical for Indonesian crew. We can make data-driven recommendations about the relative costs and benefits of diagnostic insights, as well as make some recommendations around vaccine and immunology assessments that in other contexts have reduced the medical liability of our partners.

We will happily work with you in either context.

1. Define Your Package

As mentioned above, whether you specify what you want (including acceptable diagnostic ranges) or we work together to define a specific Indonesian medical package, we will formally confirm we can execute your needs.

2. Site(s) Visit to Build Your Confidence in Our Precision

In this post-COVID world, we are now prepared to do either in-person or virtual site visits.

Meet our medical and management teams, see the facility cleanliness and quality with your own eyes, even quiz us as to the specifics of our execution and sequencing of your diagnostics. We're happy to host you.

Nothing can provide you the confidence of selecting a new partner, like seeing our workspace with your own eyes. We operate 7 days per week and can fit even a short visit in on most any schedule.

3. Define Reporting Standards

Every company is a bit different...

While at PBMC we have digital execution in our DNA and prefer to work with soft copy and data integration (using API) between recruiting, medical fitness and corporate HR, we understand that this is a work in progress.

Most flag states still require a wet signature medical certificate on board for all crew, and so we can comply with whatever format and paper records are required.

4. Trial and Go-Live

The first few patients we assess for your medical will be slow and deliberate, we will likely check-in with you prior to issuing the assessment outcome with any questions.

After we are confident in our calibration, we are all off to the races. We will provide you periodic updates based on your requirements, and our case concierge is available for specific questions.
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Case Concierge

We have dedicated resources that can update you in real-time about issues or timelines. Case concierge is not available anywhere else.
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Company testimonials are also available on request.
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  • Indra Gunawan

    Norwegian cruise line
    “Hai teman-teman semua yang ada di bali, untuk urusan medical kalian bisa percayakan klinik Padma Bahtera. Pelayanannya nyaman, ramah, cepat dan memuaskan. Enjoy, see you on board guys!”
  • Ni Kadek Nopi Andayani

    Spa worker - Maldives
    “Great service, fast certificate, Thanks Padma Bahtera!”
  • Kadek Widiasa

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Independence of the Seas
    “I was nervous going in for my PEME medical but the Padma staff calmed me down and made sure my questions were answered. Now I'm at sea in my dream job!”

The Cruise industry is our home territory, we partner with everyone, including...

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100% In-House
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Accredited & Qualified
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Never worry about the quality and reliability of your employee medicals in Indonesia again. If that's your goal, let's get going.

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