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From Albumin levels to Zeprazol, we know what it takes to get you on your way, to certify you as healthy, and in the worst case to get you healthy fast.

Medical Check-up  Packages

Most often employers specify exactly which medical you need, but the packages below can help you identify what a typical check-up includes. Often times you may be eligible for reimbursement from your employer for the costs of your medical as well. We can tell you if you are eligible.

Basic - Seafarer’s Medical

Result: 2-3 working days
Indonesia has several entry-level certifications of fitness for work domestically, overseas, and off-shore.

The standard option is the Garuda or PERLA certificate.

Not only can we provide this for you, we are constantly in discussion with regulators to ensure the Indonesian standards are tracking global maritime health guidelines.
IDR 750.000
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Package Included:
Clinical Consultations
Specialist examinations
Food Handler Tests
Basic Lab tests
Maritime testing
Public health clinic care

Custom Package

Result: As required by testing
Our core business is executing the MCU requirements of our partner employers. Each company has individual considerations and requirements. We can handle them all.

We have the experience to help inform and guide companies to align their own internal requirements with Indonesian and international guidelines. We partner to build cost-effective, local population-informed solutions and risk-adjusted medical models.
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Common Packages:
Pulmonary fitness
Complete Immunology Assay
Level 2 (specialist) diagnostics
Psychological Screening
Full medical cycle management

We offer an extensive selection of diagnostic services

Full Examinations

Every medical check-up includes a doctor consultation.
1. Symptoms Assessments
2. Detailed personal and family medical history
3. Allergies & Medications
4. Range of Motion studies
5. Labs

Walk-in Treatment

We treat anyone who has a health problem and offer preventative medicine as well
1. Wound treatments
2. IV infusions
3. Symptom diagnosis
4. Specialist Examinations
5. Food Handler Tests

Maritime Testing

Some positions aboard a vessel need to meet specific performance criteria for navigation and deck work
1. Color blindness tests
2. Hearing tests
3. Treadmill stress tests & EKG
4. Spirometry / Pulmonary function
5. Radiology
6. Vaccinations

Lab Tests

Core medical diagnostics from the lab make sure your body is working as it should
1. Blood tests
2. Liver function tests
3. Kidney function tests
4. Infectious disease tests
5. Diabetes screening tests
6. Lipid panels / cholesterol
7. TB screening
8. Urine tests
- Drug tests
- Liver and Kidney diagnostics
9. Electrolyte tests

Specialist Examinations

When we identify a specific problem, it's best to let the expert in that field make a treatment plan to get you well. We work with the best of the best
1. Internal Medicine
2. Orthopedic Medicine
3. Dental
4. Kidney / Gallstone Screening
5. Cardiology
6. Hearing and Vision


In addition to injury diagonistic, x-rays help identify if you have healthy lungs, healthy internal organs or certain spinal issues
1. Full X-ray panels
2. Ultrasound (USG)

Food Handler Tests

Confirmation of the absence of infectious parasites or other foreign organisms in your body make sure you won't get anybody sick in your next posting
1. Fecal cultures
2. Parasite testing
3. Hepatitis testing


Vaccinations protect you and others from spreading disease and from getting seriously ill
1. Yellow Fever
2. Influenza
3. COVID-19
4. Hepatitis (A & B)
5. Mumps, Measles & Rubella
6. Tetanus
7. Polio
8. Typhoid
9. Varicella

Make appointment for a medical checkup, We'll get you 'FIT' to work in no time.

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